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On September 17/18, The DH5tv studios will be visiting Maker Faire New York! We were accepted to be part of this years New York maker faire We still have a ways to go with the finalizing of the trailer, but we should have a complete or near completed studio by New York. You can also [...]

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Come along on a safari adventure tour with our driver Mark, Camera operator Nate, and Tour guide Nick as we explorer Maker Faire Detroit 2011 via the i3 safari tours

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In November 2010 I purchased a 1959 camper with the intention to completely renovate into a mobile production studio. This idea went ok for a while, though during the demolition I discovered the she was in such bad shape it could not be salvaged.  In early May the shell was removed and set aside, work [...]

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Over the past few months I have been working hard rebuilding a 14 foot 50′s camper into a 4 mic recording studio. The process has been delayed quite a few times due to my day job, but great leaps have been made over the past 2 weeks. The studio is located at i3Detroit a local [...]

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No ever said I was a talented writer, many are not aware this work even exists.  Much has happen over the past 5 years, life.  Long term project Dark Illumination has been in the works now for almost 2 years.  Life has stunted my creativity way too long.  With the help of a good friend, [...]

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This past weekend i3Detroit took the famous cupcake car for its final cruise at Penguicon 2010 As one of the con’s events, i3Detroit held mass to bid farewell as the cupcake made its final journey down the ramps of the parking garage to its resting place in the dumpster below. If you were unable to [...]

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Over the weekend DH5tv helped (Documented) i3Detroit relocate to its new 8,000sq’ facility.  Here is the footage we took during the move. Give i3Detroit a pledge on their kickstarter project and help them fund the build out of the new facility. i3Detroit V1.0 to V2.0 from Nathan Warnick on Vimeo. In this clip we go from [...]

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So its been a long time since Dh5tv has released any content. Well yesterday we documented the move of i3Detroit from their 1,500sq’ building to their new 8,000sq’ facility located in Ferndale Mi. Help support i3Detroit by donating to the kickstarter fundraiser, they need to raise $5,000 by april. Moving Day Pt I. from Nathan [...]

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I finally got around to sending out the camera to be repaired once again. So far they have had it for about a week, not like last time 2 days and it was back in my hands.  This time I have hopes it may come back in working condition and DH5tv can come back to [...]

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Being a fan of Joss Whedon’s work it saddens me to watch the last two episodes of dollhouse come to an end. So many answers and where are the questions? For those who saw epitaph One they would have known alpha was turned good… ok, this was noted in 2×13 great… WHEN.. HOW? I want [...]

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